Blues In G

Blues In G (chord comping): I put this together after reading about blues/jazz chord comping in Guitar Player magazine.  It uses a Charleston Rhythm, which is a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note.  The chords are all dominant 7ths.  Hope you enjoy playing it!

HEY GUITAR PLAYERS:  Looking for NEW MUSIC to play or to teach your students?  Check out the following six tunes…

1) Monster Theme: The lead guitar riff has notes from the E minor pentatonic/E natural minor scales, and the rhythm guitar part uses two-note power chords.  Sheet music available.


2) Rock Song In E Minor: A surf-style rock tune; E blues scale for the melody, and a syncopated open chord strumming for the rhythm guitar part.  Sheet music available.


3) Jerry: This melody uses the A major scale with an accidental (b3rd), and syncopated strumming for the rhythm guitar.  Sheet music available.


4) Workin’ At The Supermarket Blues: A basic 12 bar blues shuffle with a jazzy lead guitar melody.


5) Triad Shapes: I wrote this triad etude after reading an article in Guitar Player magazine about using pivot tones.  Notice the open 5th string (A) is being used as a drone.  Sheet music available.


6) Dropped D Tuning:  I felt awkward realizing that all St. Patrick’s Day events were cancelled this year due to COVID-19, so I wrote this piece to provide a sense of hope that we will overcome the crisis and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day again in the near future. The piece is performed by a virtual instrument that reminds me of the bagpipes; which was the sound I was looking for (the droning dropped ‘D’ string reflects this).  Sheet music available.

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