Blues And Minor Pentatonic Scale Guitar Lessons

Become a BETTER guitar player!! Learn how to play the E minor pentatonic, E blues, A minor pentonic and A blues scales ascending and descending all over the fretboard along with riffs that use these scales! Rock riff examples from Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Billy Squier, Thin Lizzy, Ten Years After and ZZ Top!!

E Minor Pent, E Blues, A Minor Pent, A Blues Scale (Sheet Music)

FOUR lessons for $20…..that’s only $5 for each lesson!! Sheet music includes the scale diagrams, exercises and the rock riff examples – all in standard notation and tabulature! Once your payment is received, the sheet music (in PDF form) will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your support!


Chris has 32 years of guitar playing experience, 24 years of guitar teaching experience and performs as a solo acoustic guitarist!

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