Counterpoint Duets For Various Instruments!

Do you play the piano, violin, saxophone, clarinet, cello, flute or tuba? Are you comfortable performing with other musicians? Playing duets help musicians gain experience and confidence when performing in time with other musicians! Check out these three counterpoint duets and consider bringing them to your next practice or lesson. They’re easy and fun to play!

Soprano voice is performed by C and B flat instruments in treble clef (flute, guitar, oboe, violin, clarinet, trumpet or tenor saxophone.)

Bass voice is performed by C instruments in bass clef (cello, trombone, tuba or bass guitar.)

Solo instruments can perform both parts (guitar – treble clef & TAB, piano – bass and treble clefs.)

Counterpoint Duets (1,2,3)

Sheet music is professionally created with Sibelius music software. Make sure you mention which instruments you're interested in when placing your order along with an email address. Get as many instruments as you want for the same price! Once your payment is received, the sheet music (in PDF form) will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your support!


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Music For Your Social Events

Enhance the experience of your events by adding live solo acoustic guitar music!  Instrumental arrangements of popular songs including “Fields Of Gold”, “With A Little Help From My Friends” and many other classics!  Music is performed at a reasonable volume level so you can enjoy every song while socializing.  Contact Chris today!  508-527-1767,

“Mellow Yellow”, composed by Donovan Leitch ©1966. Solo guitar arrangement by Chris J. Carter ©2020.

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An Extra Speaker

If you need music in two separate rooms during your event, it can be done!  This speaker can be connected to my guitar amplifier so everyone in the next room can also enjoy the music at no extra cost to you.

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Guitar Lesson Videos


Monster Theme, Ganja Mon, Surf Guitar Theme

Get all three songs for only $12! That's just $4 per song! Once your payment is received, the sheet music (in PDF form) will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  Make sure you provide an email address when placing your order.  Thanks for your support!


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